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1.      There are different refund schedules for different types of fees.

  • Academic & Incidental fees - Check the refund schedules on the Student Account Information sheet enclosed with your registration invoice or check the refund schedules for your division posted on this website. 
  • Ancillary fees for specific courses or programs, which were assessed as part of your tuition, are refunded only during the 100% refund period for the course or program.
  • U of T Scarborough fees for the Co-op Program, Teaching Placement & Centannial College Programs, are refunded according to the Incidental fees refund schedule.
  • UHIP premiums are refunded only upon authorization of the insurance company. Refer to the section 'International Students, UHIP'.
  • The Student System Access fee is non-refundable.
  • Residence fees - are determined by the residence.  Consult your residence office.

2.      You will be assessed for all program charges whether or not you attend classes. The amount of refund you receive is dependant upon the date the registration or course cancellation is recorded on ROSI. An exception to the refund schedule will normally be considered only when there is evidence of an error on the part of the University.

3.      Refunds are calculated by comparing total payments (& credits) and total charges on your account.  Cancellation of a registration or cancellation of a course may reduce charges.  Any credits generated by an adjustment to charges will first be used to pay off any outstanding charges on your account.  If all items are paid off and you have a credit balance on your account, i.e. payments are greater than charges, then a refund cheque will be produced.

4.      The last date to cancel a course or cancel your registration in a session with no academic penalty may not always coincide with the last date to be eligible for a refund.  Check the sessional dates in your Calendar, or registration handbook for final cancellation dates; check the refund schedules for refund dates.

5.      If you are a student in an Arts & Science, U of T Mississauga, U of T Scarborough program or in any other fee-by-course program, please review the section 'Course Changes'. There may be a financial implication to any change in your program.

6.      Refunds (over $10.00) are first issued around the 3rd week of October and approximately every three weeks after that. Refunds are sent to your 'mailing' address, unless otherwise requested. Keep your address current using the Student Web Service.  Registered students can request direct deposit of refunds to their bank account using the Student Web Service.

7.      Refunds are issued to the student.  Refunds are not issued to parents, even if the parents pay the fees.  If the student's fees are billed to a sponsoring third party organization or agency any refunds are issued to the sponsor.

8.      If you cancel your registration on or after the first day of classes for your division, there is a minimum charge in effect during the 100% refund period. Check the refund schedule.

9.      No interest will accrue on payments that are eventually refunded, either in part or in full.

10.    If you receive a refund that you think is incorrect, don’t throw the cheque away or write on the cheque. Notify Student Accounts.