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Registration Check List

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1.    View your Student Account on the Student Web Service (ROSI), and note the required minimum payment.  Payment of fees or an authorized fee deferral is required to register.  If your account has more than one program of study, and you want to cancel one of them - use ROSI, (choose Financial Accounts from the Main Menu, select Cancel Program of Study).  Check your account to make sure that it reflects the changes that you wanted to make.

2.    Pay your fees at the bank by the due date listed below.  You must pay either the minimum or total amount shown on your student account.  All fees are paid through a bank.  Keep your receipt or confirmation number - it's your only proof of payment.  For phone or online payments with your financial institution, use the 'account number' on the top right hand corner of the invoice format on ROSI. See 'Payments' for account format & other details.
Make a financial arrangement by the due date listed below to defer your fees.  If you have unpaid fees from a previous session, you may NOT defer your fees.  See 'Financial Arrangements'.

3.   Check your student account on ROSI for your payment - this usually takes three to five business days to process.  Students are expected to monitor their financial account at

4.    International Students:  For details about making payments from outside of Canada and criteria for exemption from international fees see 'International Students'.  Allow more time for payments from outside Canada.

5.   Obligations of a Registered Student: A student is considered to be registered as soon as he or she has paid tuition and incidental fees, or has made appropriate arrangements to register without payment of the first tuition fee payment (tuition fee deferral). By virtue of being registered, a student thereby agrees to abide by all of the academic and non-academic policies, rules and regulations of the University and of his or her academic division, as set out in the divisional calendar, and to ensure that the accuracy of personal information such as the current mailing address, telephone number, and email address is maintained.

6. A student is responsible for any financial obligations which may be incurred in the process of making changes to courses. For details Course Changes.


Please make your tuition payment for registration at your financial institution by these due dates. For the due dates for making the residence payment at your financial institution, please check your residence occupancy agreement.

   - Faculty of Arts & Science; St. George Campus - (undergraduate) August 19

   - Faculty of Music - August 19

   - U of T Mississauga - (undergraduate) August 18

   - U of T Scarborough - (undergraduate) August 18

   - School of Graduate Studies (all campuses) - August 28

   - Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering - (undergraduate) August 31

   - LAW-1st year students, incoming upper-year Transfer students and Letter of Permission students-August 10
             2nd and 3rd year students - September 4

   - All other divisions - September 4. 

If your tuition payment for registration is made at your financial insitiution after the posted due date, you must take proof of payment to your Registrar's Office (undergraduate) or Department Office (graduate students).  Failure to make payment by the due date may result in the cancellation of your course enrolments and registration.


(See 'Fees and Refund Schedules'.)

    ACADEMIC FEES: You are charged for all courses/programs in which you are officially registered, whether you attend classes or not.

    INCIDENTAL AND ANCILLARY FEES:  These are compulsory and include Campus fees, Student Society fees and the Student System Access fee.  You can view them in detail or summary form in your ROSI account.  You can also check any ancillary fees levied for enrollment in specific courses or programs in ROSI,

    UNIVERSITY HEALTH INSURANCE PREMIUM (UHIP):  UHIP is compulsory for international students, recent permanent residents, and Canadian citizens who do not yet qualify for OHIP.  See 'International Students'.

    RESIDENCE FEES:  Charges for residence accomodation and/or meal plans. Payment due dates vary; check your residence or meal plan agreement carefully.

    BALANCE OF DEGREE FEES (graduate students): A student who has been enrolled part-time in a Master’s program may have to pay additional academic fees in order to match the total fees that would have been paid as a full-time student in that program. In some cases, this fee may also apply to full-time students. Check with the SGS Student Services Office or the OISE Registrar's Office (OISE students) for more information.


    FEE BY COURSE - If you add a course, the additional fee is posted to your account and is due immediately even if the course has not yet started.  Every course change has a financial implication for both academic and incidental fees.  See 'Course Changes'.

    FEE BY PROGRAM (undergraduate) - There is only one program charge for any full-time course load. If you cancel a course and become part-time, there are serious financial implications. Discuss your plan with your Registrar.  See 'Course Changes'.

    FEE BY PROGRAM (graduate) - There is one program charge for any full-time or part-time program.  If you cancel your registration charges are reversed in accordance with the Refund Schedule using the cancellation date recorded on ROSI.


    INVOICES - No invoices will be mailed to you for the fall/winter session. Monitor your account in ROSI, Email reminders will be sent to students with a balance using the University’s UTOR email service. Please ensure that you activate your UTOR email address - follow the instructions at; you need your library number on your TCard (student card) and your student number. Paper invoices are available upon request. See 'Invoices'.

    STUDENT SOCIETY FEE REBATES: Certain portions of some student society fees are refundable upon request within limited time periods, e.g. health insurance. Rebates are issued by the society that levies the fee. See 'Student Society Fee Rebates'.

A service charge of 1.5% per month compounded (19.56% per annum) is levied on all outstanding accounts, including fees deferred for OSAP. If you choose to pay the minimum amount, in order not to incur service charges, pay the remaining amount no later than November 15, 2009. You may pay your account balance later than November 15th with service charges up to but no later than April 2010. Service charges for the current fall/winter session begin as of November 15th and are charged as of the 15th of each month until paid in full. See 'Service Charges'.