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Refund Schedules

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Refund Schedules 

Refer to the web site section Refunds for more information about refunds.

The refund schedules printed here do not apply to UHIP charges, the Student System Access fee or to ancillary fees levied for enrolment in specific courses or programs.


Refund Schedule
Academic & Incidental Fees

Recorded Date of 
Cancelled Registration  

Charge  Reversed

to June 16                                                 


June 17 - June 23


June 24 - December 21


December 22 on


**NOTE: A minimum charge of $173.00 in respect of academic fees (as per the **'s in the above refund schedules) will be assessed to students who cancel their registration in a program on or after the published date for the first day of classes in the session. The first day of classes in the Summer Session is June 17, 2004.

The last date to cancel a course or registration with no academic penalty is not the same as the last date to be eligible for a refund. Check the refund dates carefully.