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Apr 2018
Apr, 11 Warning: New Phishing attack targeting students with email claiming to be from a ‘Debt Collectors Agency’
 We have received a report of an email message sent to students’ email addresses claiming to be from a "Debt Collectors Agency" which claims that there is Past Due amount. Do NOT contact the agency. The email message includes an amount owed and requests that the student contact the agency as soon as possible to get payment instructions. Check ACORN to view what amount you owe and your student account status to confirm if your account is currently placed at external collections. If your student account status is ‘Active’ no one outside of the University will contact you to request payment. At this time, unpaid fees from the 2015 Fall-2016Winter session or earlier, have been transferred to our external collections agency. If you have any questions regarding this, you can forward your inquiry to
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Feb 2018
Feb, 08 2017 T2202A for Students Who will File a Tax Return in Saskatchewan
 If you paid for 2017 Summer session Tuition fees, then you can request that Student Accounts Office manually revise the ACORN 2017 T2202A certificate to display separate lines for May-June, and July to August so that you can claim eligible tuition fees paid and education amounts only for periods of enrolment before July 2017.
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