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Sponsored Billing

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Register without Payment on the basis of Sponsorship by a Third Party Organization

If you have unpaid fees from a previous session, you may NOT defer current session fees.

You may register by the
Minimum Payment to Register deadline, without paying the Minimum Payment to Register amount on your ACORN invoice if you have an arrangement in place for an external organization or agency to pay a tuition fee amount that exceeds the Minimum Payment to Register amount on your ACORN invoice for the coming session. Registration without payment is also referred to as “tuition fee deferral”. The Minimum Payment to Register amount on the student’s ACORN invoice = Unpaid fees from past session(s) + Fall term tuition fees (program/course, ancillary and incidental fees).

Prior to the
Minimum Payment to Register deadline:

1. Mail, fax or bring a copy of the annual letter you received from the external organization or agency stating they will pay your fees along with your ACORN invoice to:
Student Accounts
· your College Registrar (TST students)

2. Student Accounts or TST College Registrar staff must match your ACORN invoice with the authorization letter to determine your eligibility for a sponsorship financial arrangement in order to defer your first tuition fee payment for the summer session and complete your registration.  If not eligible, you must pay the Minimum Payment to Register amount on your ACORN invoice by the Minimum Payment to Register deadline.

3. Check
ACORN to confirm that you are registered.

If you register without paying the Minimum Payment to Register amount on your ACORN invoice, on the basis of a Sponsorship, pay your fees by the following due dates:

1.  You must pay the outstanding tuition and non-tuition fees by April 30th, and monthly service charges at a rate of 1.5% compounded (19.56% per annum) which will be applied against the outstanding non-tuition fees beginning as of May 15th and as of the 15th of every month thereafter until the account is paid in full.

2. External organizations will be invoiced in October. In exceptional cases, external organizations will be invoiced for Winter term fees in February.  If the external organization does not make the scheduled payments by April 30th for the fall-winter session, you are still responsible for paying the fees, and must begin doing so as soon as you receive notification of non-payment by the external organization.

3. If you do not make full payment for fall-winter session fees by April 30th, you will NOT be eligible to register for the next session.

NOTE: A deferral must be processed for every session in which you wish to register. The deferral does not carry over from one session to the next.