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Tuition Waivers for U of T Staff & Dependants of U of T Staff

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Making Payments by Tuition Waivers for Staff and Dependants of Staff

A tuition waiver of academic fees is available for University of Toronto administrative staff members, dependants of administrative staff and dependants of faculty members & librarians who previously had a waiver and chose to continue with the waiver, or who are part-time students. For terms of reference, eligibility and provisions, see the collective agreement or policy document for your employment group.

Tuition waiver forms and instructions for applying for a tuition waiver for staff and dependants of staff are available on the HR website []. The most common processing delay results from using the wrong form so applicants should note that there are different forms for staff and dependants of staff.

If you are eligible for a University of Toronto tuition waiver and plan to register at the University of Toronto for the fall-winter session, follow these steps to complete your registration by the Minimum Payment to Register deadline:

1. Pay the Fall Term incidental fees, ancillary fees, and the Student System Access Fee and any unpaid fees from past sessions, at your bank by the Minimum Payment to Register deadline

    Plan sufficient time for your bank to transfer the funds to the University’s bank account by the Minimum Payment to Register         deadline, otherwise you may have to show proof of payment in person at the Registrar’s Office or SGS Student Services Office to complete your registration and you may be charged a late registration fee.

    The transfer of funds from major Canadian financial institutions normally takes three to five business days, however the transfer from Canadian credit unions and financial institutions from outside Canada can take much longer.

2. The recording of the payment in your student account will change your status from “INVIT”(invited to register) to “REG” (registered). You need to confirm that the status has changed on ACORN and report any problems to your undergraduate registration office or graduate unit.

3. Take the Tuition Waiver Request Form and a copy of your ACORN invoice to your Human Resources Office for authorization.

4. Submit your ACORN invoice and Staff/Dependant Tuition Waiver Request form, approved by Human Resources, to Student Accounts by mail or in person.

Within 10 business days of receiving the tuition waiver form, Student Accounts staff will contact you or the student or the Human Resources representative if there are any questions, or will record the tuition waiver financial arrangement on the student’s ACORN account.


The student can confirm that the financial arrangement has been recorded when the Financial Arrangement status changes to “Waiver for tuition fees” on the ACORN mainpage.

5. The tuition waiver credit(s) will be recorded on the student’s ACORN invoice later in the session, after most of the course changes have taken place and adjusted periodically if course enrolment changes.

6. If you registered by paying the incidental fees, ancillary fees, and the Student System Access Fee for the current Fall term and unpaid fees from past sessions, then pay your current session outstanding fees by the following due dates:

   i) You must pay the outstanding account balance by April 30th to avoid monthly service charges at a rate of 1.5% compounded    (19.56% per annum) which will be applied against the outstanding account balance beginning as of May 15th and as of the 15th    of every month thereafter until the account is paid in full.

   ii) If you do not make full payment of fall-winter session fees by April 30th, you will NOT be eligible to register for the Summer    session.