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Course Changes: Tuition Adjustments

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Programs that are charged a course fee

If you are in a program where fees are assessed according to the number of courses in which you are enrolled, it is important to keep in mind that every course change you make has a corresponding financial implication. The fees you pay for one course are not automatically applicable to another when changing courses. A "course change" is actually a "course cancellation" (which may include a partial charge according to the refund schedule) and a "course add" (which requires a payment of 100% of the fees for the course).

The following rules apply to course changes:

  • If you ADD a course, the course charge is due immediately, regardless of when the course begins and is subject to service charges as described in the section Service Charges.
  • If you CANCEL a course, the course charges are reversed in accordance with the refund schedule. Any credit resulting from the cancellation will be applied first towards outstanding charges on your account and then any balance refunded to you.
  • If you ADD a course and change from part-time studies  to full-time studies you will become liable for the full-time incidental fees, regardless of when the change to full-time studies occurs.  NOTE: The definition of full-time and part-time is not the same for all programs. Check with your Registrar if you are unsure of this definition.
  • If you CANCEL a course and change from full-time studies to part-time studies, you remain liable for full-time incidental fees, unless the change affecting your course load is made during the 100% refund period for that course.


Programs that are charged a program fee for full-time studies and course fees for part-time studies

If you CANCEL a course and become part-time after the 100% period, there are serious financial implications.  Discuss your plan with your Registrar.  See Fees and Refund Schedules for the dates of the 100% and 50% periods for your program.

Cancelling a course and becoming part-time 

Program refund period

Effect on Fees

100% period 

Program fee reversed 100% and course fees charged 100%

  50%  period

50% of program fee reversed and 50% of course fees charged for active courses.

Full time program fees remain

If you ADD a course and become full-time, the course fees are reversed 100% and the full-time program fee is charged 100%.