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Divisional Tuition Fee & Refund Schedules

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2019 2020 Fall Winter Divisional Tuition Fee & Refund Schedules

 Tuition Fee schedules for 2019-20, can be found on the website of Planning and Budget,

For students from cohorts not explicitly referred to in the fee tables and for information regarding tuition fees in future years, please refer to the University's Tuition Fee Level Commitment for Continuing Students.

All fees are subject to approval by the Governing Council. If fees change we will bill or refund according to the standard procedures.  You are expected to monitor your account on ACORN.

Information to consider as you review your divisional fee schedule:

1. STUDENT SOCIETY REBATES: Some student society fees are refundable upon student request.  These rebates are issued by the society that levies the fee within limited time periods.  Check the Student Society Fee Rebate: questions should be directed to the appropriate student society.  Check your invoice on ACORN if you are not certain which student society fees you have been assessed.

2. STUDENTS WHO ARE NOT A CANADIAN CITIZEN OR PERMANENT RESIDENT pay the international student fee unless exempt in one of the 'Status in Canada' Exemptions categories.

Tuition fee schedules for 2019-20 can be found on the website of the Provost at,

2019 Fall – 2020 Winter UTSU Levy Fee Adjustment

On Oct. 22, 2019, the 2019 fall and 2020 winter term UTSU Student Commons Capital Levy fee amount was changed from $14.25 per term to $11.26 per term, and the 2020 winter term UTSU Student Commons Operating Levy fee amount was reduced from $6.50 to $0.00.

Published fee schedules will not be revised.